Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #29-32 Review

Bringing Russia more into the show is certainly working to good comedic effect right from the start here. While the skydiving aspect is amusing, the area that got me laughing the most is when he returns home and all the little surrounding countries greet him while quivering in fear. They're all afraid of what he'll do, though Latvia goes in the wrong direction by listing all the things that they're afraid of having happened, including the amusing idea that someone would call Russia a drunken version of France. Latvia, Estonia and the others are very cute as they have all the very royal and regal military style uniforms but are so uniformly scared of Russia that they don't know what to do with themselves. They're not chibi but they're so close with how cute they are with their expressions.

There's an amusing Japanese centric episode in this batch as England goes to visit Japan and learns some of his culture. Visiting the area he lives in, learning of the Tengu Chair, eating his food and taking a hot spring moment are all good traditional things that helps to ease some of the cultural barriers, especially as England is pretty good with all the strangeness. Where it goes amusing is that there's other people in the hot spring, notably a large kappa, but it's something where England befriends him and learns about how modern society is turning the existence of Kappa's and their kind into superstitions. Japan is confused by all of it since he doesn't see anything and just goes on about how he lives alone. The ending is done slightly Japanese style since Japan gets to sing it, which is a nice plus after Germany's bit before.

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