Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Invasion"

The Skruggs step up on their game while ignoring the fact that their scouts had ceased communication. The giant saucer that appeared in the skies of Center City begins sending tons of Skrugg down to the ground. Their ship lands at an abandoned power plant and they send out even more scouts than before, who start blowing up cars and buildings left and right. Even with the military in wait, they were no match for the onslaught, and the people could do nothing but escape and gather in City Hall.

Joey sees some explosions from the direction of his neighborhood and gets concerned and decides to head back to his grandmother's house. He and Psy are about to go and investigate when Will steps in and refuses to acknowledge Joey as a hero. Joey and Psy run into some Skruggs in the middle of the street who are threateningly close to Joey's house, so he interferes to stop them.

Joey steels his determination, activates Heroman, and stands up, ready to face the enemy himself. During the battle, Joey notices a new icon on his controller and activates it. The Heroman Blast. Heroman accumulates energy, which radiates from his shoulders and head, and gathers it into his palms, packing a lot more punch into his punch.

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