One Piece- Season 10 - Episode 446 - Review: "His Spirit Won't Break! Hannyabal Goes All Out "

One Piece has certainly picked up on the action and movement recently with the upward journey of the cast in an effort to get out of Impel Down so they can save Ace. Conflicting with that is the arrival of Blackbeard who is trending downward for his own reasons which now hits Luffy's group and that causes all the progress to be halted in favor of back story, dialogue and lots of grimacing. This isn't a bad thing, since I've missed out on the episodes between one hundred and four hundred so a little fleshing out doesn't hurt me in the slightest, though it all is somewhat confusing at times.

One of the bigger moments to this episode, one that's a long time in coming really, is Hannyabal's stepping up to the plate. He's become like another person, to the point where the guards wonder if it's Bon-chan again since he's so out of character, as he's intent on stopping the upward progress of Luffy and his group. While he's spent much time whining and scheming, he now has to deal with him directly and it's a pretty decent little fight where both people have such drive to them that they'll naturally hit each other hard. After all the time in which we've see Hannyabal in such poor light, seeing him strong and determined is very welcome. What is also a big plus is that we see his first days in Impel Down in a flashback where he's assigned to be a guard on the first level under Magellan's watch and we see how he screwed up when it came to a new prisoner named Olive. The adversarial relationship between him and Magellan is certainly made clearer here, though it's still hard to sympathize with the guy.

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