Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: ''Rumours"

Ah! I hate cliffhanger episodes! Ayane and Chizuru just pass off the rumours like nothing. They don't believe it at first because there's NO way that Sawako can be spreading those rumours. I like how Chizuru was all self conscious over the rumour that she used to be a bad ass in middle school and her squinty eyes helped those rumours. Ayane says it under her breath that they're not as open as she think they are. Next day Sawako brings notes to school for Chizuru for the mid terms coming up. They should have deepened their friendship, and it did for a while, but then Ayane and Chizuru overhear Sawako talking to a friend from another class and all they hear is Sawako telling her friend that they are friends, but she tells her that how close Ayane and Chizuru are, that's what she calls friends, and she hopes that she can get that close to them one day. But of course Pin drags both of them away so all they heard was that they aren't friends. They start rethinking whether or not the rumours are true so they ask her. They both tell her that they like her and ask for her opinion. Sawako tries to tell them that she doesn't like them, she loves them, but is cut off after the first section, so frustrating! Then Sawako overhears the rumours that Sawako has started taking advantage of Ayane and Chizuru, and also started using Kazehaya too. She tries to find the person that's spreading the rumours but of course she won't find it since it's supposed to be coming from her. She thinks that she is the reason why everyone is getting hurt so she tries to distance herself from everyone. She even starts avoiding Kazehaya and so he brings it up with her. She tells him that no matter what happens, she'll always like him and runs off. There's also a point where Sawako apologizes to Ayane and Chizuru, which deepens the misunderstanding. Ugh! I know this is part of the shoujo aspect but so frustrating!

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