One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 463 - Review: "Burn Everything to Ash! Admiral Akainu's Ab... "

Depending on how things go, One Piece is potentially entering a phase where there really isn't a lot to say. We got the start of the battle royale in the last episode but it had a lot of dramatic pauses and pans to numerous characters that kind of dragged things out a bit. This episode follows through on the promise of the action by providing it non-stop throughout, outside of a brief bit of quiet for a reaction shot at times from people after certain attacks either pan out or don't. The forces are marshalling and everything is getting more intense as the various members on each side, be they commanders of Whitebeards of the giants of the Navy, get ready to rumble.

Because this takes up the majority of the time and there's little else here besides this, it's a double edged sword. The action is decent and the diversity of the cast allows for quite a lot of varied attacks and abilities. And all of it happens with Whitebeard watching on and occasionally blocking a particular attack that gets close to him. Having missed quite a few episodes since I'm still far behind, almost none of these characters are ones I'm familiar with so there isn't a sense of connection with them that has me rooting for one side or the other outside of seeing Ace live. And Ace isn't even a blip in all of this as the action is focused elsewhere, though there's a slight pause to deal with a couple of less than monstrously powered Navy men who are feeling overwhelmed by it all.

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