Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: ''Determination"

Ah! Another cliffhanger episode! I probably should have waited for the next one to come out before I watched all three. Anyways, it starts with Sawako contemplating about being alone again but it's just one of those things, once you have it, you can't live with out it. True friends are hard to come by and once you have them, even if you try, it's so hard to live without. So this is what Sawako realizes and while is being depressed about this, she sees Kazehaya waiting for her at the exact same place he waited on the first day of summer. She tries to tell him to stop talking to him but then she starts bawling telling him that she can't lie. She tells him that if he talks to her, his popularity will go down and all that. He then tells Sawako that that isn't his choice. He chooses to talk to her and that the only Sawako he sees and the one he sees right now. No rumours, nothing. He then tells him that she can never avoid him ever again. (I think it's) Chizuru who starts sifting through the notes that Sawako gave her and asks herself who would ever make such a time consuming task of writing notes specifically for her. Then her and Ayane hang out at night talking about Chizuru and they conclude that because they are so concerned with how she feels and how she feels towards them, not only do they like her, they love her, that they are actually friends. Next day Sawako starts hearing the rumours again in the washroom, so she gets out from one of the stalls to break the rumours but then is confronted about it. I'm really wondering about the fist that Sawako makes at the very end of the episode. It would be cool if she punched out the girl but this ain't shounen. I know she's going to stand up for herself. Go Sawako!

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