Casshern Sins Part 2 DVD Review

The second set opens with a crying Ringo assuring Casshern it isn't his fault. From here the feature jumps to a camp where a robot arrives to proclaim that Luna has saved him. The hope of salvation begets a pilgrimage of a large number of robots to where Luna is said to be. Among these looking for her is Casshern, who Lyuze confronts trying to find both the reason for what he is doing but also why she walks the path she does-especially if it is true Luna didn't die the first time. At the same time Dio is trying to come to terms with what it is he truly wants and starts to understand why Braiking Boss originally ordered Luna's death as the rumors of her existence start to divide his ranks.

The path to Luna is one that Casshern feels he must walk as now that he has seen the effects of Ruin he wants to find some way to stop it and finding Luna may be the first step to understanding why it happened. Along the path Ohji and Ringo are reunited with Casshern, Lyuze and Freinder. As the group takes refuge from the rain Lyuze notices something rather strange about Ringo but before much can be asked a ghost rises from the wilderness to join their reprieve. The figure turns out to know things about both Casshern's past and Luna. The secret of the figure's identity starts to overwhelm Casshern and also opens a past between Casshern and Oji.

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