Strawberry - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Thorny Trap"

When it comes to Christmas episodes of almost any anime series, there's a number of clichés that they can go with. Trips to special places, mysteries that keep everyone close together in a particular place, alien invasions and... making money so you can afford Christmas presents for the people close to you. Generally it runs along a couple of ideas, either a character running around to multiple jobs over the course of a few days to collect a lot of part time cash or they focus on one particular job so they can play with it a bit more. Especially if you're a guy since you're not going to have a whole lot of luck selling Christmas Cakes like a young girl in a skimpy Santa outfit would.

For Strawberry 100%, Manaka opts for the single job in a fast food restaurant where he discovers after he signs on that Kitaoji works there as well, and has been for a bit. That puts her in a superior position to him and she completely uses it in order to toy with him in a teasing and sexual manner. Kitaoji's surprisingly up front about her approach that would easily land her in a sexual harassment suit. But it's fun to watch how Manaka pretty much gives in to all the temptation and does his best to take advantage of what Kitaoji is offering, and would have if not for Yui suddenly arriving and throwing a serious monkey wrench into the monkey business. Yui gets to mess with Kitaoji a fair bit in this and she even has some choice words that infuriates Kitaoji in the locker room which is pretty amusing.

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