Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 53 - Review: "Flames of Revenge"

Mustang's crew manipulates and pins the coup d'etat on the goons at Central, and it sure made for some good laughs along with Briggs bringing in the heavy artillery. Deceiving the public was a good move to expose their corruption, and also Ross' line about "justice" and everyone portraying Mustang's group as the saviors in this civil war. Mrs. Bradley realized she was being used as a tool to that end, and still in the dark about her husband being a homunculus and thinking he's dead, but at least her emotional burden is for a good cause. Her testimony about Central soldiers trying to kill her and Mustang stepping in to stop them was key.

Mustang enters in the nick of time to relieve Ed and the others of the homunculus soldiers with ease. Then May Chang and Envy come crashing in from the ceiling. Mustang questions Envy regarding Hughes death and reveals that he was the one that did it. It then becomes a completely dominating one-sided onslaught unleashed by the Flame Alchemist with him snapping his fingers repeatedly against Envy.

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