Bleach - Season 15 - Episode 288 - Review: "The Final Trump Card! Ichigo, Towards the D.."

After last weeks amusing detour that basically recapped a large chunk of the series in a goofy way which did not do what's come before any favors, Bleach is back to dealing with the storyline of the present. The show has a fair bit of action to get things rolling with as Kenpachi is doling out heavy attacks against Yammy and loving every moment of it since it's a challenge and it gives him a bit of a workout. Kenpachi continues to be my favorite of the Soul Society characters to watch and even though he doesn't get a huge amount of time here, watching his very pleased grin as he tackles Yammy is very enjoyable.

Bleach does try to impart a little bit of useful information with this episode as well as Unohana goes into some detail on the trip back with Ichigo to the World of the Living that he may be the only one of the three worlds that can deal with Aizen. Through a flashback sequence with other lieutenants, we see Aizen using his power of hypnosis and how he used it on a large scale to accomplish what he can with it, something that's very surprising to the others there in the room. The way his hypnosis is so total and complete, and how deeply it works upon a viewing, is striking and makes him a very difficult person to deal with. And with so many people dealing with Aizen who have seen it before, only Ichigo hasn't and that gives him a great advantage against him if he can avoid looking at Aizen's Shikai.

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