Bleach - Season 15 - Episode 287 - Review: "Gaiden! Ichigo and the Magic Lamp"

With things getting very close to catching up with the manga, the Bleach anime gets to slow down a bit again, which is really awkward since the series finally start simulcasting just a couple of months ago. It probably doesn't help to get all these people excited about the show and seeing it pretty much live only to say, hey, let's watch a lot of stuff that doesn't have much to do with the main storylines that you've been enjoying. But regardless, new Bleach is new Bleach and if you like the characters you may find some fun with the odd stories that get pulled out to give things a little more time to play out.

Bleach lets us see Ichigo waking up from a knock to the head only to discover he's in the middle of the desert (where's Jim Morrison when you need him) and he's around a campfire with Ushida, Orihime and Chad. Only they're going by the names Urio, Ori Mei and Chaido and they're wondering what's up with Chigo since he's acting so strange. As it turns out, this group is something of a bunch of desert thieves and they've come up with a new plan for a palace they want to get something out of. Ichigo goes along with the whole thing, realizing something is definitely screwy but not entirely sure if he's just dreaming it all or it's some sort of manipulation, as he sees familiar things and people in a new light. It is amusing, I will admit, to see a magic lamp that looks like Kon and having Ichigo rub it furiously.

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