Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "You've Got to Be Kidding "

The game continues on and we start to see some of the strain of playing a full on serious league game where the exertion and exhaustion begins to take its toll. Ko has played long and hard over the years with regular training, but it's something different when you get off the sandlot and deal with other players who are just as dedicated and intense as you are. His pitching continues to be his strong suit but he does really well when at bat as well, giving him a well rounded feeling that you don't always get when it comes to the high school league. The observations and little nods made by the supporting cast while the game rolls on are amusing, especially when you have the head of the school talking about how he doesn't care about baseball and just wants the prestige of making it to Koshien.

The intensity of this match has a whole other level to it as well since it's really the one team playing against itself, just with the varsity going against the Portables for a bit of practice and fun to show off. That they're getting taken down a few pegs makes it worse for the varsity side and they're doing their best to ratchet it up, though they're finding themselves straining against the key players on the Portables. Coach Daimon is getting pretty frustrated by the whole event as well, as he refuses to have to strategize this kind of game against what he views as weak players. But his main varsity team is definitely getting a workout and they're making mistakes, mistakes which could get them bounced from the varsity side as well.

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