CSI: NY ''The 34th Floor'' Review Season 7, Episode 1

The 34th Floor, episode one of the seventh season of CSI: NY was bookended by two shootings. We also met Stella's replacement, Detective Jo Danville (Sela Ward) and was reminded (or at least I was) of the brilliant cartoon Gargoyles near the end.

You may remember Danny throwing a murderer off of a lighthouse and into the sea at the end of last season. That killer returned and in the first three minutes he kidnapped Danny and Lindsay's baby girl, had Danny and Lindsay immobile with the threat to their child, and was shot dead by Lindsay. The editing was too snappy: Danny getting out of bed cutting to Danny standing at the baby's bedroom door with a gun to his child felt too jarring and snuffed any suspense they may have milked out of the situation: would there be anything more frightening to a parent than going into your baby's room in the middle of the night to do a routine check up only to find a killer clutching your child? Don't get me wrong, I definitely did not want it dragged out, but aside from giving Lindsay something to do (yay!) and something to brood over (meh) it was over far too quickly. No one except the killer ever felt like they were actually at risk.

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