Pumpkin Scissors Review

Working in public relations, community outreach programs are both my beloved and hated assignments. I love watching programs succeed when companies improve the community while using its new image to attract customers. But I hate the cynical community who believes the outreach programs are distractions from company scandals or attempts to greedily attract new customers. Pumpkin Scissors takes an animated look at public relations on a military scale as the protagonists engage in a community outreach program that garners the most cynicism: War relief.

Pumpkin Scissors depicts a fictional European country three years after a great war that bears some resemblance to the actual Great War. Cities and civilians are struggle through postwar casualties, famine, and poverty. The anime begins with a solid concept that explores the process of war relief. Known as the Pumpkin Scissors, the skeleton crew of Section 3 aids refugees, eliminates the corruption of war profiteers, and restores faith in the military and government. Optimistic Pumpkin Scissors members are constantly showing how "war is hell" as they see first hand the aftermath of war as they attempt to restore the status quo. The job is thankless since the citizens are cynical towards military relief since it was the military that made them victims during the war in the first place. Corruption and violence do not help things much either.

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