Nodame Cantabile - Season 3 - Episode 4 - Review: ''Lecon 3/4"

Really strolling along here. Third episode, Rui and Chiaki go to dinner together and after talking we find out that he misses Nodame a little. After dinner, Rui tries to ask Chiaki to hang out the next day but is rejected, being told that he's hanging out with Nodame the next day making Rui realize that it's not over between the two. Anyways, Nodame salon debut happens and she patiently waits for Chiaki. He's never late but she gives him the benefit of the doubt and rightfully so since he ends up having to take the bus. By total coincidence though he sees Viella and they finally reunite. He asks if Chiaki wants to come out and watch his rehearsal and before he knew it he was off the bus. He ends up missing her debut but the performance ends up being a success. (end of episode 3) As Nodame is sleeping, she hears a loud thud at her door and the door unlocking. She ends up with a Chiaki on her bed apologizing to her. She ends up getting up and tells him to sit down properly. She's surprised at how obedient he is so she tests him by asking for a handshake (dog style) and he complies. She asks why he wasn't at the performance and he explains to her about his encounter with Viella. She tells him there's nothing he could have done. He asks how it went but she tells him that it went really well except that she wasn't invited to any future performances. Chiaki (relaxing his legs) tells Nodame that people who go into performing thinking that way usually don't get it. Nodame snaps at Chiaki telling him she never allowed to relax his legs.

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