Fairy Musketeers - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Review: "Trude's Maze"

The thing with travelling through fog is that it's easy to get lost - and sure enough, that's what's happened to Red and the gang. Rescue comes in the form of a passing wagon - but it's one that has lost its driver, and the inside of the wagon makes it look as though it's been recently robbed. The culprit soon shows itself - a very powerful enemy, looking for the Key to Erde. As soon as it reveals itself, there's a bright flash of light - and when it clears, Ringo finds herself alone, with the other members of the gang turned into little wooden dolls. Just what has happened to them..?

The gang's enemy is later revealed to be Trude, the most powerful witch in Cendrillon's army, and she's used her powers to spirit most of the gang away to an illusionary labyrinth from which, so far, none of her victims have escaped. But you could probably work all that out from the episode title. Our heroes, you would like to think, will be better than to be caught out, and so with help from Hamelin and Ringo in the outside world it's up to the others to first figure out what's happened and then work out how to break Trude's spell.

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