Rainbow Episode #11 Review

Rainbow's excursion to the outside world has been rather interesting since it hasn't been all about the chase and continually fleeing those in pursuit. Because of what Sakuragi knows, Ishihara and Sasaki have been playing it kind of close to the chest in dealing with them, but Ishihara has gone over the edge because of what Sakuragi knows and how it can expose him, both for the kids that were abused and the guard that he's responsible for killing. Sakuragi's in a worse position at first in thinking that Setsuko may be in danger, but in the end it's Sakuragi that Ishihara wants and ends up confronting directly rather than applying pressure to him.

The show does a nice bit of parallel in working through this episode as we see that confrontation play out with its craziness while inside the military base we see Mario going up against his opponent in the ring. Mario's been really working himself to get ready for the ring and just the fact he's not taken down as quickly as before is a significant change from his first fight. Both young men have the same intensity to their eyes though, something the American comments on as being the kamikaze eyes he feared eleven years prior. Seeing both of them standing strong against their opponents who are markedly different is done very well here, though a lot of the thrill goes with Sakuragi's fight because he plays it very cool while Ishihara only becomes more crazed..

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