High School of the Dead - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "The Sward and DEAD"

With the group separated, yet again, the show takes an amusing turn of sorts as Saeko and Takashi make their way towards Takagi's house. It's a long and dangerous process but the two have decided to do their best to get there. Takashi laments that the progress is slow on foot and wishes he had a bike again, which leads them to checking out a motorcycle shop where they pick up a really neat little amphibious vehicle that the two can ride, since riding on a motorcycle together may not be the best idea since she points out, amusingly, that it's not a date. The two have quite the thrill in racing down the streets like this, watching the world end around them, and wondering what they'll really do to survive in this world for a plan.

Putting Takashi and Saeko together is rather welcome at this point since he's paired off with Rei before and we haven't really gotten to know her all that well. The two of them have a decent chase scene with the infected before landing in the water and making their way to a sandbar in order to hide out for awhile. What this leads to is a couple of things. The first is that Saeko gets wet and that means see-through tops, lacy undergarments and a changing scene where she manages to ditch the school uniform and look even hotter. It also has her opening up a little bit to Takashi about herself while he attempts to not drool heavily over her assets. While the viewer never forgets that she's a girl, it's easy to see how that might happen to Takashi at times, considering their circumstances.

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