Casshern Sins Part 2 Blu-ray Review

The first half of Casshern introduced us to a world where it had ended completely and what little was left was falling to the Ruin. As we learned, the cause of it was the death of a young woman named Luna as once she died, death spilled out from her and ended the world. With Casshern himself being the cause, though his memory is mostly lost to this though he knows it's the truth, he's now trying to understand his role in the world as he watches the few remaining people and the large number of robots out there cope with the end times. While it was a mostly episodic journey, one that lacked a certain amount of heart and humanity for obvious reasons, it was a beautiful and stylish piece of work that was very striking.

The second half thankfully offers a bit more to the story to help bring it all together. The first half certainly had a great look to it and some interesting characters as it brought in the sometime companion robots in the form of the little girl Ring and her elder guardian Ohji, but also Lyuze who intends to kill Casshern since she was Luna's sister. Add in a pair of important robots that worked for the Braiking Boss that ordered Luna's death by Casshern named Leda and Dio and you have a good mix of robots that are trying to either help Casshern understand his place or trying to eliminate him so they can prove who is truly the most powerful or for the sake of revenge.

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