Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Review: "Memories"

The previous episode gave us some good focus on the past for Aoba and Ko as they spent time with family where they used to when they were little. The memories of their younger days with Wakaba certainly had its impact and it gave them a bit of a connection that they sometimes forget about in a way. While Aoba has certainly harbored issues with how Wakaba was so friendly with Ko, they also had a lot of good times together and something very strong that kept them together. The quick introduction at the end of Mizuki, Aoba's cousin, wasn't all that much of a surprise but it's potentially an element going into the new school year that threatens to change and unbalance things.

I already felt this way when Azuma moved in with Ko, though that hasn't been used all that much in general so far. Having Mizuki move in with Aoba's family certainly makes sense considering that they are family, but it feels like a bit much after having that with Azuma and Ko already happening. Mizuki does have some good moments initially there, as he pays his respects to both Wakaba and his aunt, lamenting that he wasn't there to go to Wakaba's funeral as he was overseas, unlike his aunts which he was able to attend at a young age. With Mizuki joining the group in making their way to school now that he lives there, it adds a bit of tension to things as even Azuma isn't a fan of this situation, going so far as to cover lightly for Ko in how he's not making his way there with everyone because of Mizuki.

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