Vandread Ultimate Collection (Seasons 1-2 + OVAs) DVD Review

The feature opens on the planet Tarak in a future where humans have moved into space yet in the case of two planets men and women have come to live separately with little knowledge of the other outside propaganda and no knowledge of a time when the sexes lived together. The story introduces the young protagonist Hibiki Tokai who is sick of his factory life making parts for the men's war machines called Vanguards and goaded into making a bet to obtain one of the finished models with a piece that has a mark he put on it. This rash act has Hibiki breaking onto the the military's newest warships which is also combined with one of the original colony ships-just as it is suddenly launching to bring war to the women. Hibiki is discovered and thrown in a jail but makes his escape as a group of women pirates launch a raid on the warship. Deciding to keep the new part of the ship from falling into enemy hands the captain detaches that part and prepares to destroy the old part. As this is happening Hibiki makes contact with one of the enemy who boarded the ship- a high spirited, clumsy and alien obsessed young woman named Dita Liebely who pursues him. As the pirates realize the ship is going to explode they try to flee but both those on the old ship and the pirate ship are drawn in when there is a reaction in the energy source of the old ship. This reaction results in the pirate ship and the old ship merge into a new ship as well as the ship being flung a great deal of distance through the galaxy.

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