Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Episode 9"

After the back and forth material dealing with life after death that Maya and the others had to work through with her friends and the splintering and fix of their friendship, Occult Academy dabbles in the occult a bit again as Maya is attending a special spirit summoning class that's going on in the academy. Her skeptical streak is most certainly still there but there's a bit more patience out of her at first at least about the whole experience as her friends try to remember what key things like ectoplasm means from their recent test about it. Unfortunately, as is often the case with the occult in how it would really work, the spirit they want to communicate with is not the one they get.

Instead of the spirit of Jun'ichiro, they get that of a young girl named Akari who is skittish in general and uncertain of what's going on. The class is interesting in that they're very quiet during her appearance and want to know more instead of reacting crazy like and wondering what's really going on. The reactions later, after she disappears and then reappears elsewhere on the academy, are just as bland as Akari talks about wanting to go home. I still prefer the freak-out reaction to such things, especially as she has some physical presence, but essentially it comes down to Maya deciding that she's feeling enough pity and guilt to try and help Akari get to whatever her home is along with the others who witness the event.

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