Gintama Collection 02 DVD Review

Gin Tama runs through another thirteen episodes with this set that brings us up to the first twenty six, or roughly the first eighth of what's aired overall for it. The first set did a good job of bringing us up to speed on Gin and those in his Odd Jobs business and the various people that populate his life. It also covered the strange and unusual nature of the world when the aliens arrived and essentially took everything over back about a hundred and fifty years ago or so. It's left Japan in a situation where they've mixed the days of old with modern technology and style along with a few nods toward the future with space ships and flying cars.

The first set was fairly fun to talk about because it introduced those characters and setting and you get to figure out how it all fits together. With the second set, with it all fairly familiar now, you get to work with the nuts and bolts of it. And with a comedy like this, there aren't any over reaching arcs to deal with for the most part, though there are subplots. What Gin Tama does is to throw a whole lot of strangeness at the screen and sees where it lands. It has a very familiar feeling to me to a lot of the US created Adult Swim shows where it does a lot of word play, cultural and pop culture gags and just basic weirdness. And with comedy series, it can most definitely work and work well, but I still find you have to really be open to it or in the right mindset for it.

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