Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Gyukiâ??s Beloved Nura Clan"

With Rikuo and Gyuki going at it one on one, there's a nice bit of intensity to start the episode as each of them fights fully with Rikuo insisting that he will taken on the role of the Third Heir. Gyuki does his part by fighting just as hard, but learns along the way that Rikuo has indeed surpassed him and will become quite the solid Third Heir when the time comes, acknowledging his growth and potential. With Gyuki feeling that he did the honorable thing in trying to take it from Rikuo when he wasn't ready, he feels that the right thing to do now to compensate is to end his own life so that things are squared among those in the clan and no further recriminations will surface.

Rikuo, cool dude that he is, stops Gyuki from doing this and makes it clear that if he really wants to understand why he stopped him, that he needs to talk to his human half since it's a matter of humanity rather than that of Yokai. Such things strike a significant chord for Gyuki and it's good to see that he has a bit of humility over it when he does return to the household and seeks some medical assistance and rest. It's also welcome to see his change in attitude when dealing with the daytime human Rikuo, which has to be difficult considering how different the two sides of the same coin are, as the daytime version just does not inspire any sort of confidence or faith at all. Though he's taking some confidence and knowledge from his night time self, Rikuo is still just a young boy who lacks the gravitas to be a Third Heir at this stage that people like Gyuki would follow blindly, if it were not for his other self.

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