Strawberry - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Meteor Shower"

With spring break over with, the new term has started up and there's some changes in store for the gang and for Manaka. One of the main things that happens is that the kids are reassigned to new classes, and that has Tojo and Manaka going different ways, though they still have film club together. Unfortunately for Manaka, the increasingly clingy and obnoxious Kitaoji is in his class and she's all over him as she watches how Tojo is definitely into him and he into he. The new year starts off slowly for most, but Manaka has it worse when he meets a new member to the club, the young woman he saw at the movies during spring break. And just like then, she's pretty argumentative and critical from the start about just about everything.

The introduction of Misuzu is almost a repeat of sorts of his first meeting with Kitaoji in that it ends in misunderstanding and violence. That she's Sotomura's younger sister doesn't change things much but it certainly points to why she has a peculiar personality in general. The arrival of Misuzu adds a fair bit of tension and excitement to the film club at a time when it's growing. The new term has them getting more funding, but it's starting off badly as you have Misuzu criticizing their previous efforts in a fairly brutal way, which cuts pretty close for most of them. What is amusing is that Musuzu is critical of just about everyone but regularly praises Tojo as the writer and has nothing but good things to say to her and about her.

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