Sacred Blacksmith - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Double Suicide -Tragedy"

The attack in the previous episode by Else against Lisa and Luke has left Cecily pretty shaken, especially upon the realization that she was the one who sent them on to where the pair was. Luke's still in his kind of mildly superior than though mentality as he starts to explain what's really going on, something that's tied to the meeting of the true powers out there as the secrets of the swords are revealed, as well as the prayer contracts that are used in daily life. Explaining that they're the spirit entities that are really curses in the end in a way causes Cecily to question everything, though it's something that Aria plainly points out as being fact, forcing Cecily into accepting at least some aspect of it as she struggles with the change of concepts.

What becomes clearer is that the Demon Swords are key items in keeping the curse of Valbanil in place and that the sword that is currently charged with such a deed won't last another year at this point. With Luke's position as a blacksmith and the number of swords that seem to be appearing in his presence, and now the clarity of need for a new sword to take the place of the existing one if this is being read right, those that Cecily knows may be the ones tasked with keeping Valbanil in place. As much as Aria seems to cement things, it's interesting to hear how she deals with the news as well as she's still trying to find her place in the world, as she believes that she's not what anyone believes. Not just a sword, not just a person and not just a devil. What that leaves her to be, what her true purpose in life is to be, is the question that keeps her going even thoug she believes she may lose all those she holds dear.

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