Soranowoto - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "A Visitor - A Burning Field of Snow "

There's been growing discontent among the population of Seize in the last few episodes as a little more noise is made each episode about the peace talks and how they seem to be going poorly. Events are building towards something but with communication being as limited as it is within this world for the general population, news doesn't travel quite as fast or as detailed as we're used to. But with the information that is out there, Filicia is having everyone spend more time on patrols and checking the borders since there are rumors of enemy soldiers getting closer and closer to the border.

So it's little surprised that Kureha and Kanata are the ones that come across an unconscious enemy solder in the snow and bring her back to the fortress to rescue her. The Roman Army soldier's arrival kicks off a small string of events for one of the Seize soldiers though as Noel has a very strong tie to the past as we see her in her younger genius days when she was involved with something tied to the Roman side and a lot of blood was spilled. This new nugget from Noel is really very intriguing as it paints a very different past for her from the one we've seen so far and watching her mental breakdown the more that this soldier, Aisha, is there is really fascinating. Noel's always seemed in control (or asleep) so seeing her in a panic, flustered and ready to bolt at a moment's notice is very unlike her.

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