El-Hazard: The Wanderers Collection DVD Review

Back in the 90's when Pioneer Entertainment wanted to promote their laserdisc business more, they made a rather solid leap into the anime production world, usually contracting out work to AIC. The fruits of those initial attempts gave us such shows as Tenchi Muyo, Kishin Corps and El Hazard. And having made money on some of their properties, they did their best to pimp them as much as possible with follow-up OVA series and then rebooting them for various TV attempts. While Tenchi Muyo proved to have the best legs for various incarnations, El Hazard comes close behind it, though they didn't fare that well with a lot of US fans. Myself, other than the second OVA series, I found the subsequent TV series to be quite enjoyable and fun.

The El Hazard: Wanderers TV series gives us twenty-six episodes of fun in the magnifcent, alternative world. The series focuses on a group of kids from a high school in Japan who, though the mixture of science and stupidity, end up being transported from there to the world of El Hazard. Late night at the school, when the teacher Fujisawa was watching over things, class president Jinnai is trying to evade the troubles of his tenure by blaming it on his long time nemesis Makoto, a generally likable guy who has a talent for science and has built an interesting device. When Jinnai manhandles it in front of him, it causes anyone in the building to get sent across to the other world, though they're thrown apart as Jinnai's sister Nanami ends up a fair bit away while Jinnai lands even farther. Only Fujisawa and Makoto land near each other and pair up.

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