Soul Eater Part 2 Collection DVD Review

Soul Eater hits the halfway mark this this set as we get twelve episodes that takes us through one full arc. It's an arc that instead sets up potentially what the second half of the series should be about though. The first set of Soul Eater didn't impress all that much in terms of the actual story and with some of the characters but I loved the visuals and the creative design of the world that these characters do live in. This set doesn't change that opinion too much as it rolls with a pretty standard story idea but I do like how it plays out overall because of the creativity of designs. Sometimes style can make a show and I'm finding that with Soul Eater.

Over the twelve episodes, eight of them focus squarely on a singular plot. There's a couple of episodes at the start that deal with more of the setup or side story material. Medusa is continuing to sow some dissent in small ways among the students, mostly aiming hard at Maka as she tweaks her with the idea that Soul is hiding stuff from her. There are some good bits throughout this as everyone settles into place but the series takes an awkward turn by giving us yet another Excalibur episode. I admit that there's some really intriguing things done as we see Excalibur's past across numerous periods of time and the shifts between them is hilarious, but it is an episode that seems to have nothing to do with anything in the long run. Filler at its finest.

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