Omamori Himari - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "The Cat, Yuto, and the Maiden's Pure Heart"

Omamori Himari offers no surprises at the end of its twelve episode run as it essentially goes through the motions, like much of the show has done. With Himari having pushed Yuto away enough to go after Tama herself, that leads to the big battle between the two in order to unleash the nine tailed fox. Himari herself is given over to the bloodlust of the cat and transforms significantly into something very deadly, and sexy of course, and it's a fairly pitched battle for the first few minutes while everyone else replays what she said before she left and realizes what she really meant by it all. And lo, the mad dash to get to her to try and stop her from going to far begins.

Shuten-doji's plans get tweaked a little bit by things as well and he has to be more upfront about his goals, which really sets Kaburagi out of sorts since he thought Shuten-doji was just going to eliminate the Ayakashi. Learning that he's actually intending to wipe out humanity as well gives him a very different view on his partner, not that he can do much about it. Striking a deal with Shuten-doji was never a good idea and he's learning that fast. The problem that Yuto has is that even as events change, Himari is still in her bloodlust mode and he now has the unwelcome task of having to stop her before she kills him and everyone else around her. It's not like you can't see how this will go and how it then shifts to the Real Final Battle against Shuten-doji in order to save the world from his evil machinations.

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