Casshern Sins Part 1 Blu-ray Review

Casshern Sins is a twenty-four episode series, of which the first half is here, which takes the classic property from the 70's and reboots it for modern fans. It's not unusual to completely reboot a property like this of that age and Casshern has certainly had a few interpretations over the years. I haven't seen the original but I rather enjoyed the live action movie from a few years ago, from a stylistic perspective at the least. Casshern Sins takes some of its cues from the original and in its character designs, but it looks like it takes what has come before and reworks it in a rather different way. While Casshern had something of a super-hero sense of flair about it, Sins goes for a more atmosphere and introspective piece.

The first half of the series is a curious piece of work that doesn't feel like many other shows out there. Taking place at a future time when the world has been completely doomed, everything has fallen to something called the Ruin. Humanity is decimated though there are some scattered survivors out there. What makes up a lot of what's roaming out there now are robots of varying shapes and sizes. Many are basic humanoid in nature and there's even little child robots running around trying to eke out an existence before they succumb to the Ruin. The ones that are the most dangerous are the large ones that leave destruction behind them as they try to figure out a way to survive.

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