Hikaru no Go Episode #61 Review

Hikaru's growth throughout the series has been one of the real highlights to everything as he's taken on a game he knew pretty much nothing about and had it drawn out of him. Through Sai's tutelage and the inherent talent that Hikaru had for the game, tied to his drive of catching up to Akira since he idolizes him, Hikaru has gone through so many changes and exciting events because of Sai. He is who he is now because of that and he knows it, even if it's not a conscious knowledge. Even more importantly, though not clearly stated, is that Sai has become a good father figure to him and helped him grow into the tall and fairly confident man that he is now, even with his rather girlish voice.

Hikaru's search for Sai is in vain for awhile as he does the usual foolish things such as looking in the bathroom, checking under the table and so forth. It's when he returns to his grandparents and sees that the old Go table is now clean of blood that he realizes something has drastically gone wrong here. Thankfully, he's not a complete fool and he uses what he's learned from Sai in the past to track down something from his past that may be of use. With Sai having talked about how he used Torajiro's body before, he makes the decision to head back to where Torajiro once lived in order to see if there's a clue there, or even if something has drawn Sai there against his will. The whole situation is one huge unknown so it's no surprise that Hikaru will try just about anything, including going all the way to Innoshina.

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