Chu-Bra - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "An Afternoon With Her"

With everything getting closer, there's a whole lot of pressure building on Nayu that's not unexpected. She's in demand at the school with her skills but she's also coping with a radical change at home by telling Keigo that she's ok with going to Kyoto. Having worked so hard to make friends and trying to be accepted for her interests there, the change to a new school is something that she dreads but will do for her brother. Having to go through all of those issues again, which could be even worse, weighs heavily on her. Throwing herself into the work she can get helps but it also makes her busier than she should be.

The culture festival is going in an interesting way as the Underwear Appreciation Society has been approached by the acting club for help with their plans. Since Nayu's group can't really run something since they're not an official club, helping out another definitely works well for them. The three girls in the acting club want them to design some costumes that are very Utena inspired, along with a few normal cosplay kind of things, and Nayu's pretty keen on the idea for a challenge. The club also tries to get Nayu and the others to help out by being in the play since they're so short on members. Promises of small lines goes a long way as the girls are curious about it but don't want to be too heavily committed to something. Nayu's even approached later by another class that's running a maid café as the crafts club refuses to help make those kinds of outfits. With Nayu trying to distract herself, taking on a few more costumes is just what she (doesn't) need.

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