30 Rock: Season Two review

By all accounts 30 Rock receives nothing like the audiences it deserves. Like Flight Of The Conchords it's a show that garners almost universal critical praise, but ask the average Joe in the street if they've heard of it and it's more likely that they've been catching up on what Katie and Peter have been up to in the States.

So what's gone wrong? Why aren't people spending time with Tina Fey's sharp study of life inside fictional hit comedy show TGS With Tracy Jordan? It can't be down to the majestic scripts, which deliver tons of snappy one-liners and laughs a-plenty. It can't surely be down to the actors who are, man-for-man, at the top of their game throughout this second season of the show. Nor can it be down to Alec Baldwin, who surely deserves far more recognition for his turn as network exec Jack Donaghy. It's possibly due to the slightly nauseating DVD cover, but that really shouldn't put anybody off from purchasing this five-star disc.

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