Character Elimination Game

I don't know if this has ever been done before, but I'm curious who is everyone's favorite/least favorite characters. Add 1 to your favorite, subtract 1 to your least. You can vote after every 5 posts. I only did characters that are/were regulars at some point, because the cast is so big. But if I forgot someone, or there is a character you want to add, go ahead! I will also vote:

Meredith Grey- 10

Derek Shepard- 10

Izzie Stevens- 10

George O'Malley- 10

Christina Yang- 11 (+)

Alex Carev- 10

Miranda Bailey- 10

Richard Webber- 10

Preston Burke- 10

Mark Sloan- 10

Callie Torrez- 10

Lexie Grey- 10

Erica Hahn- 9 (-)

Addison Shepard- 10

Owen Hunt- 10


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