Tower of Druaga Season 2 DVD Review

After a successful first season, Gonzo followed up with a second season of the series that had another twelve episodes of sword and sorcery adventure and humor. I really liked the first season for a lot of reasons and watched it weekly when it came out, but I never took on the second season when that was streamed. So this experience of viewing it was all new and with a little distance from the original viewing of the first season. I didn't hold high expectations for this season so I can't say I'm terribly disappointed by the results.

This season picks up some six months after the first one ended which saw the cast thrown to the wind. Ahmey's dead, Kaaya and Neeba have left and Jil is spending practically all of his time drunk or listless. Fatina has taken to watching over him as she plays the role of tour guide as the capital city has moved wholesale into the Tower of Druaga. It's really quite fascinating to watch these various levels repurposed for human civilization, especially as all of the monsters have left the Tower so there aren't any real threats. Though you do hope some of the traps have been dealt with. Even a special elevator has been built that will bring people high up into the Tower, making so much of it accessible once it's done being tested.

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