Bleach - Season 15 - Episode 286 - Review: "Ichigo's Return! Protect Karakura Town"

After the required time of recapping what happened in the previous episode, Bleach gets back to the action which is definitely dominating the show at the moment. With Rukia being tossed down towards the ground, Ichigo racing to get back to everyone and Aizen making his threats after dealing with Hiyori, it's good to see Ichigo actually arrive in the nick of time and stop Rukia from going splat. Ichigo does manage a fair number of cool moments throughout the series and his serious yet almost playful expression allows him to carry a moment like this well as he makes sure that Rukia is alright and deals with the danger that's at hand.

Ichigo's fight against Yammy is a surprisingly difficult one though as even when Ichigo gets all Hollowfied, he's only able to do a minor bit of damage against him, so much so that Yammy comments that he's impressed that he managed to nick him even a little. Ichigo's abilities are certainly significant, especially when he's in his Hollowfied form, so seeing that his attacks have only so much impact surprises him but gives him the kind of incentive he needs to really go wild on him. Ichigo's cockiness is one of his more valuable attributes since it keeps him from giving up while constantly searching for a way to take down his opponents.

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