Giant Killing Episode #09 Review

While Tatsumi has managed to shake down the team fairly well, there's still a lot of clouds in the sky around the East Tokyo United team. They've not won any of their league matches yet but they're slowly getting better at working together and finding their groove. While Tatsumi has managed to handle the "problem" players in Murakoshi and Kuroda, he's facing two other different kinds of problems now. The first is the fans who are starting to have issue after having so much hope, and the management who was divided to begin with about bringing Tatsumi onto the team to coach it.

After several episodes dealing with the team on the field of play going through its issues, it's nice to have an off-field episode where there's still things to deal with. The fans are growing unruly about the entire situation, especially those more dedicated hardcore ones, and after the return from the last game that was lost, they want to see Tatsumi to reinforce with him that he needs to get that team on the stick. It's amusing to see that some of the players are mildly afraid of the fans because they're being active in wanting to know what will change. Even Tatsumi looks a tad apprehensive about stepping out of the bus to face them upon their return to the clubhouse. This permeates into the material afterward where some of them like Tsubaki are trying to figure out how they can get better not only for themselves but also for the fans that support them.

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