Tatami Galaxy Episode #04 Review

Tatami Galaxy moves right along in its fourth episode by being predictably unpredictable. The reboot of sorts that occurs in each episode now has our nameless college student starting all over again and falling for some flyers that has him drawn into a strange group. That group is led by a master who takes him on as an unwilling disciple through which they do all sorts of strange and pointless things, arguing throughout the night about boobs, drinking heavily and so forth. The added strangeness to the story is that the Master is actively wanted by the Library Police and his disciples help in making sure that he's not caught.

Our student's life takes several unusual turns as part of his Master's training and the final exam for him involves finding a mystical toilet brush made from special material not seen in decades due to concerns it would put certain businesses out of business. There's a little flashback that covers its origins for the material and so forth, but it's just another strange and unusual thread with no real meaning. So our student heads off to search for it since they're still being made in secret and he ends up gaining the help of the girl of his dreams with Akashi joining the episode. The two spend a fair bit of time together searching for it, though she tends to take the lead on it, and eventually they do find the brush for Master Higuchi.

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