Did 30 Rock's McFlurry Praise Cross the Line?

In the wake of all the press that Pepsuber got during Super Bowl weekend, we knew it was only a matter of time before NBC decided to see how much further they could push the envelope without suffering a backlash from fans. However, we didn't anticipate that said envelope-pushing would bear down on us so quickly. In last night's 30 Rock , a show that, as our own Emily Nussbaum has already pointed out, has shown itself to be more than willing to work advertisers' messages into its plotlines Jack Donaghy and his spicy Latina lover, Elisa, not only found themselves effusively praising McFlurrys ("the world's greatest dessert"), but the plot was also tailored in such a way that the two wound up spending their Valentine's Day in an actual McDonald's restaurant. So, the question is this: Did this seemingly blatant instance of product integration breach any sort of lines of television ethics?

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