Are you kidding me Christina?

Or more accurately is Shonda kidding me?Christina and Jackson Avery kissing?Oh COME ON!!Like Christina and Owen haven't been through enough. I really cannot believe that this is gonna happen. The vibe between Christina and Owen has been really off these past few episodes but i was expecting some sort of passionate scene between those two in the near future. But no,Shonda has to make Christina make out with someone else of all people.

I would have preferred to see Alex pushing the short haired doctor against the wall than this.

And Jesus,now Mark and Lexie will be rocky too because of Derek's sister coming over?Damn!! The next step will be making Meredith dark and twisty all over again.

I do realise that if everything is peachy between everyone then it is boring.But there is enough drama going on without all the couples going off!


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