Trinity Blood Complete Series Blu-ray Review

Back when Gonzo was riding high, at least with Western anime fans, the adaptation of a sci-fi political religious show involving a cold war between humans and vampires that has lasted for centuries was an ideal pick-up. Clocking in at twenty-four episodes, the series is based on the original novel by Sunao Yoshida, which also saw a translation to manga form. Gonzo's had fairly decent luck in the past with vampires, though their interpretation of the Hellsing series divided fans. With Trinity Blood, they're able to work with a more open interpretation since novels to other media tend to allow for a number of changes as long as the core is still there. Having only read a smattering of the light novels and manga, I've separated opinions on them so that each stands on its own merits.

The series takes place over nine hundred years from the present, at a time long after civilization pretty much annihilated itself in a series of cataclysmic wars. Humanity has survived and rebuilt but they aren't alone this time. The world is seemingly divided between two main empires, one of humanity and one of vampires. There are cracks in between where regions try to play out a neutral role but for the most part, you're either part of one or the other. The human side of the world that we see in the first four episodes here takes place in what used to be central Europe. There are familiar names at times, such as the Vatican and its central role in the rebuilt Rome as well as the area of Hungary which has retained its name, but empires and countries seem to have fallen away to the two main sides. The focus of the show is based around the Vatican and those who work for it.

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