30 Rock season 3 episode 5 review


After a one week absence for the Thanksgiving holiday, Jack jets with Liz to her hometown of White Haven, Pennsylvania where he'll drop her off to attend her high school reunion and he'll continue on to Miami. He has big plans to party in the Florida sun to ease the pain of Don Geiss finally emerging from his coma, only to decide he'll remain as CEO of GE until death. But a snowstorm forces Jack to stay in White Haven, and to add salt to a tequila-less wound, he's trapped in a dry county, where liquor sales are prohibited. The reunion is the only place with the alcohol needed to drown his sorrows, so he heads there.

As soon as Liz steps into the transformed auditorium she learns how wrong reminiscences can be. She remembers her high school days very differently than the rest of her schoolmates. She'd always considered herself the harmless nerd, picked on by the cool clique kids, but they all have a darker version of events. They're neither welcoming, nor impressed by her success.

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