Rainbow Episode #10 Review

With time passing since the escape of Sakuragi, Turtle and Mario, life has moved on and different things are certainly afoot. Mario is working hard at his training to become a boxer that can actually compete against the American soldiers while Turtle is doing the best he can by working as a black market seller by getting the cigarettes out there from his connection with Lilly. Setsuko continues to help the guys out and they're doing well overall as Sakuragi is recovering. An interesting twist is that Soldier manages to get out of the reformatory a bit early with a plan to join the military directly, which has him just needing to finish out another ten days while the service gets all its ducks in a row for him.

A good bit of time is spent with those that Setsuko is with trying to figure out how to move on so they don't cause her any further problems. There's a charming moment where the four have a picture together, since she does very much care for Sakuragi, but the other two are thinking of what's best for her and for them. Sakuragi himself just can't feel calm at all since the breakout and he's not sure what to do, though he is recovering well and getting better every day. With the doctor at the reformatory thinking Setsuko may know something, he's starting to work that angle a bit which adds a nice element of danger to what has become rather routine for the boys.

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