House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "It'll be Fine"

The House of Five Leaves group is one that has worked well together for a bit now and they seem like they've been like that for awhile. The episode opens with a nice, if short, look on the past when the group first came together from different areas to pull off a simple job that involved no real risk. Once that worked out, and they all realized that they blended well with each other even with their diverse personalities, it was decided to formally start working together in order to make a bit of money. A simple origin to be sure, but sometimes that simplicity works best in conveying what it's really all about.

Masanosuke is still off his game from recent events and is spending his time at the Elder's house where he's working through the injury. It seems like Masanosuke is always engaged in some form of downtime as he spends most of his days listening to others with little real action or work on his part. What learns during all of this is more about the past and the less than pristine nature of some of them, such as Umezo who ends up surprising him just a little bit. There's a lot of focus on old gang politics and relationship material here as the elder deals with the arrival of an old member, a picklock, who has a grievance about not getting the help he needed in getting out of the gang when Umezo got plenty.

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