30 Rock season 3 episode 4 review

Gavin Volure

A better title for this ep may have been 'Ask, and Ye Shall Receive'. I had a mini-moan and maxi-hope last week that the 30 Rock guest stars' chunk of lines and screen time would be slimmed down, and a bigger slice of primetime pie be served to the regular cast - the true source of the Fountain of Goof that makes me wade in week in, week out.

From my lips and fingertips to Tina Fey's pen and crew, because I got exactly what I hankered for. That's not to say that this week's guest star, one Mr Steve Martin in the title role, wasn't given time to shine with some mighty fine lines.

The show opens with Liz and Jack as dinner guests of reclusive Gavin Volure, a rich agoraphobiac who's taken with Liz. Alas, he also suffers from a debilitating fear of germs, so he has his stand-in hand-kisser say good-night to Liz in style when the evening ends.

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