Black Butler II - Season 2 - Episode 10 - Review: "Zero Butler"

The frame job that Claude performed in the previous episode, which included him causing quite a bit of trouble for Alois, now has Ciel being caught up in things where the police thought he was Alois and handed him over to Claude easily. Claude's attention to detail, much like Sebastian's, is truly a creepy thing as we see him dressing Ciel in such a way that's far too intimate and close. It is a normal thing for a butler in a way for certain classes and people, but the way Claude does it, the intonation and the look in his face, adds that extra level of creepy too it since he's intent on taking Ciel's soul at some point for his own. With Ciel close at hand, Claude continues to push and prod at him to cause doubts about what's really going on and what role Sebastian may have played in his past.

While Claude plays his game of manipulation with Ciel, Sebastian is working towards getting Ciel back and putting his plan into motion. For better or worse, he has Grell at his side and I'm still not really sure how I feel about this character. There's the certain kind of crazy disconnect from reality there, but it's very different from what Alois brought to the table and not a kind that I particularly care for. Grell becomes annoying more often than not, and rather quickly, but it's not a surprise to see him working with Sebastian since he's long associated with him. And the two have a kind of quirky relationship that works, especially when Grell gets to cut loose with his chainsaw and deal out some serious damage to those trying to slow down Sebastian.

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