Dirty Laundry Review

One of the appealing things about hentai more often than not is that a lot of the shows do try to introduce a fair amount of story to things. Dirty Laundry has one but feels like a bit of a throwback as it's kept simple so that the majority of it can focus on the fun between the characters. A lot of this has the sense of what old live action adult films were like in the 80's where there's the simple premise that holds it all together, though there is an amusing moment at the end that seems to be popular among a lot of adult anime shows these days.

The premise of Dirty Laundry involves a small laundry company called Asagai Laundry which does decent business where it is but it's not doing as well as it could. The small business is run by Sayaka, a woman who lost her husband six years earlier and is still in mourning over it. The only employee of the company is a young man named Shin who handles the deliveries and pickups for the customers they do have. Shin's a good looking clean cut young man who certainly likes his boss. Sayaka's definitely attractive enough but she's a bit downcast in general as she laments the loss of her husband while still having needs that aren't being dealt with.

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