Lexie/Sloan in trouble?

by dubydubedu (Mon Nov 16 2009 13:08:54)

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So I'm very upset because I just read that Shonda Rhimes said Lexie and Sloan are going to have some big obstacles that they may not survive as a couple--and that they may revisit Addison & Sloan.

Am I the only one that wants to scream NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I love Lexie & Sloan, and although things have been very ideallic for them lately, so some obstacles coming up should be expected, but I REALLY REALLY want them to survive it. Also, repairing Addison & Sloan is just a ploy to bring people to the big crossover event. I mean how annoying will them being re-paired be. I will be pissed if Rhimes breaks Lexie and Sloan ultimately just to revisit him with Addison for an episode or two because of the crossover. ARGH. I'm really frustrated


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