Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "Episode #05 "

The Legend of Legendary Heroes has had a really odd sense of pacing about it in its first five episodes. The opening episode gave us a fairly fun cast of characters and a decent fantasy style setting that ended by showing us a rather good hook when it came to the leads. Then it decided to spend the next three episodes doing a flashback to the time when Sion and Ryner were back in the academy, getting to know each other through circumstances and then involved as cadets in a war that revealed the true power that Ryner is holding. It forced a situation that brought Ryner together with Ferris to hunt out the hero relics while elevating Sion towards power.

Now, back in the present, it's starting to move us towards the plot that should start building up. Because of its desire to use politics and intrigue, it's rather slow going as it tries to introduce a few characters on that stage for Sion to deal with. Sion's role as the king here is a difficult one as he's a very involved one, having spent time out in the world with his subjects to understand their issues. That causes conflict for those who are playing the games of politics since Sion doesn't fit in with the traditional model of the angry, drunk or disconnected perverted ruler who is only interested in building himself up. It's good to see him involved in the various aspects of the kingdom and with it being portrayed as an administrative job in a way, but it isn't all that exciting.

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